Tiga Line.

Is it true there is a Malay covert society goes around by this name? Is it false, one of its members is a has-been-rock-star from a band that really flies?

Is it true that this group recognised its member through a surreptitious handshake?

Is it false that they are titanic in Northern Region and here in Klang-Valley, they based themselves in Keramat?

Is it inaccurate that Abdullah Ahmad the PM was the chap behind this society, which has a registered  front under an almost obscene name under ROS?

Is it fictional that Abdullah Ahmad has officiated few of this almost obscene name society since he became the PM?

Well possibly somebody would like to share his or her sights on this. I rather like to stress at this juncture that I have nix verification of such existence. However, a buddy blogger in recent times posted a webshot of this almost obscene name society’s web on his blog.

A celebrity told me this, once upon a time, a Malay mobster by the name of Lan Cina had butchered a fellow Malaysian in Chow Kit. The police managed to get hold of Lan Cina and detained him. Nevertheless, Lan Cina has sturdy ties with Ayahanda, the under-boss of Tiga Line. Ayahanda called Abdullah Ahmad who at that time yet to be the PM.

Lan Cina was released and case closed. Lan Cina is a member of this Tiga Line.

The same person relates to me that Tiga Line was formed after 13 May 1969 in
Penang (or Kedah). Abdullah Ahmad strongly supported the foundation of this group. The mission is to defend the Malays, against whom I shall not know. I however believed the Malays, like other Malaysian, need protective shields against the current Government.

This maybe one of many absurd way of tarnishing the image of the towering Malay who has the hallucination of changing the Vision 2020 to Mission 2020. Who is known as Bapa K-Ekonomi. Possibly the K stands for Keparat, based on the manner our economy is heading? I shall not know. Go ask JJ.

Nevertheless, is the PM at the frontier of the existent of Tiga Line? Alternatively, perhaps the question should be, is Tiga Line exist?

I expect the PM is not incensed at me for asking this as much as I do not see he is fuming at the Turkish newspaper which he claimed spread lies about ‘his’ yacht. How I wish our PM were Mahathir. We would have united in whacking the Turks and by now, they shall already be on their knees begging for mercy. How I wish.

In addition, how I fancy I know more about Tiga Line.

If I do not post anything within the next 36hrs. Please search for my body-parts. I was not due to be slaughtered with the cows yet.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Happy New Year.